100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Zanzibar

The Spice Islands

Indian Ocean islands found off the southeast coast of Africa. The two largest are Unguja (informally referred to as Zanzibar) and Pemba. The Spice Islands are popular beach stops after an Eastern Africa safari trip.


White beaches and swaying palms. This semi-autonomous region of Tanzania is the birthplace of the Swahili language.

Serena Inn

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Remnants of Zanzibar’s colonial past in evident here in this historic coastal city. The hotel is renovated from a former British consulate white stuccoed building and has unimpeded views of the Indian Ocean. The interiors reflect Zanzibar’s Arabic influence and the island’s indigenous East African roots. Private beach.

T: +25 524 2231015. 51 rooms, US$ 180-

Pemba Island

Beautiful hilly spice island located off the coast of Tanzania.

Fundu Lagoon

Pemba Island

This eco-chic remote resort in the southwest of Pemba Island is reachable only by boat. It features 20 stylish ocean-facing tents covered by thatch, each with their own plunge pools.

T: +25 075 478 9994, 20 tented bungalows. US$ 550-