100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Mongolia

Gobi Gurvansaidhan National Park

Baking rust colored landscape, Flaming Cliffs and deep canyon walls.Gobi Gurvansaidhan National Park

Three Camels Lodge

Nr. Gobi, Gurvansaidhan National Park, Mongolia

A welcome oasis in the desert; one of Mongolia’s finest ger camps. Modeled after nomad camps, with a central lodge for dinng and tents for sleeping, Three Camels Lodge is constructed from Siberian timber and stone and features handpainted furniture and felt slippers. It includes a large shaded porch that keeps it cool and comfortable in the desert heat.

T: +976 1131 3396. US$ 370-

Gorki-Terelj National Park

The park’s most spectacular features are its huge granite blocks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers.

Terelj Hotel

Gorki-Terelj National Park, Mongolia

This sumptuous remake of a Soviet vacation destination is located on the banks of a historic river near the birthplace of Genghis Khan.

T: +976 9999 2233. 52 rooms. US$195-