100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Estonia

Estonian Islands

A land that time forgot: a slow pace, a peaceful countryside and lovely Baltic Sea beaches.

Pädaste Manor

Muhu Island 94702, Estonia

A seaside manor house hotel, one of Estonia’s finest. Take a ferry ride from Virtsu to get to Muhu.

T: +372-4548800. 9 rooms. US$75-


The capital of Estonia, Tallinin is located on the Gulf of Finland in the north of Estonia. It has winding cobblestoned streets, red-tiled roofs, and one of Europe’s best preserved medieval Old Towns.

Hotel Schlossle

Pühavaimu 13/15 10123, Tallinn, Estonia

Massive wooden beams and antique furnishings; sections of this Old Town hotel date back to the 14th century. Home to merchant and noble families over the years, it was converted into a luxury hotel in 1998.

T: +372 699 7700. 23 rooms. US$ 380-

Gulf of Riga

The Gulf of Riga borders southwestern Estonia and its coastline includes the bustling city and port of Pärnu. Founded by 12th century Teutonic Knights, Pärnu is known as the “summer capital of Estonia”. It features a well-preserved 18th century fortified old town and a mile-long white sand beach.

Ammende Villa

Mere pst 7, Pärnu 80010, Estonia

A restored Art Nouveau Jugendstil-style manor house typical to the turn of the 20th century. Located in the beach area of Pärnu.

T: +372 44 73 888.14 rooms. US$ 125-