100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Germany

Northern Germany, Hamburg

Facing oceanside, this Hanseatic city-state “the Venice of the North” became wealthy through maritime trade and continues to prosper today. Hamburg is lined with canals and built around two charming lakes.

German North Sea Islands, Sylt

These rugged North Sea Friesan islands provide a perfect balance between the natural and man-made world. The chic island of Sylt is known for its rugged cliffs, white sand beaches, howling winds and powerful waves that, according to the vacationing Thomas Mann, make you feel fully alive.

Stadt Hamburg

Strandstrasse 2, Sylt, Germany

Elegant and charming 19th century building located next to the town’s casino.

T: +49-4651/8580. 72 rooms; US$ 255-

Dorint Söel’ring Hof Hotel

1 Am Sandwall, Rantum, Sylt, Germany

The manor house’s Michelin starred chef is considered one of Germany’s best. The hotel sits above Rantum’s beach

T: +49 4651 836 200. 15 rooms. US$ 550-

German Baltic Sea Islands

Denmark separates German’s rugged North Sea islands from its white sand beach Baltic Sea islands. The calm protected Baltic Sea includes the white-chalked cliff island of Rügen, Germany’s largest island and a favored vacation spot in the olden days for East Germany’s political elite.

Northeast Germany, Berlin

Germany’s capital city

Schlosshotel Im Grunewald

Brahmsstrasse 10, Berlin, Germany

Former pre-war aristocratic villa located in a leafy residential area near the Grunewald forest. This luxurious romantic hotel contains a mix of antiques and contemporary decor.

T: +49 49308 95840. 53 rooms. US$ 290-

Eastern Germany, Saxony, Lepzig

The Elbe River, beautiful nature reserves, and the historic and cultured cities of Dresden and Leipzig. Goethe called the old-world university town of Leipizg “a little Paris”. Here Bach composed, Goethe wrote and Martin Luther debated.

Hotel Furstenhof

8 Trondlinring Strasse, Leipzig, Germany

Neo-classical hotel furnished with neo-Biedermeier furniture.

T: +49-341 1400. 92 rooms. $188-

Western Germany

Schlosshotel Kronberg

Frankfurt, Germany

Hidden in the Tannus woods, a few miles outside of Frankfurt, this baronial castle retreat was built by Empress Friedrich (daughter of Queen Victoria and the mother of Kaiser Wilhelm). Her family’s portraits, paintings and furniture are still here.

T: +49 6173 70101. US$ 315-

Der Schafhof Amorbach

Amorbach, Germany

Der Schafhof is located in the heart of the beautiful Bavarian Odenwald near the town of Amorbach where leading 18th century architects created the world famous baroque and roccoco buildings which still characterize the town today. A former Benedictine Abbey, Der Schafhof is now a place of relaxation and quality for the discerning guest.

T: +49 9373 97330. US$ 160-

Hotel Linslerhof

Ueberherrn, Germany

The heir to the Villeroy & Boch cermanics company transformed the family’s centuries-old manor house into a stylish German romantic hotel complete with stables, tree-lined paths and traditional German prints.

T: +49 68 368 070. US$130-


One of the most romantic places in Germany, the Baden Württemberg region includes the wildly beautiful Black Forest, Stuttgart, the university towns of Heidelberg and Tubingen, and the spa town of Baden-Baden.

Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

Friedrichsruhe-Zweiflingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

18th century baronial hunting lodge on lovely landscaped grounds in the bucolic Jagst River Valley.

T: +49 7941 60870. 44 rooms. US$ 180-

Bavaria, Lake Constance

Another romantic place in Germany is Bavaria with its quaint cottages, folk traditions, fairytale castles and Germany’s winter and summer-time wonderland, the Bavarian Alps and pretty Lake Constance, where the Rhine river flows towards the Black Forest.

Lindauer Hof

Lindau, Germany

Located in Lindau, an island on Lake Constance, this waterside family owned inn has views of the Alps. Lindau’s seaside village contains gothic, baroque and renaissance buildings.

T: +49 83 82406403. 30 rooms. US$ 150-

Munich, Bavaria

The capital of Bavaria, known for its charming car-free medieval district, the Marienplatz, and its annual Christkindlmart and Ocktoberfest celebrations.

Hotel Pension Mariandl

Goethestr. 51, Munich D-80336 Germany

Lots of character, charming, quirky and located in a faded grandeur neo-Gothic building.

T: +49 89 534-108. 29 rooms. US$ 116- (ask for room w/private baths)

Nuremburg, Bavaria

Bavaria’s 2nd city has a rich brewing and beer tradition, a magnificent Holy Roman Empire castle and a celebrated Christkindlmart.

Hotel Drei Raben

Konigstrasse 63, Nuremburg, Germany

Quirky boutique hotel with rooms based on different figures, myths and stories from Nuremburg’s history. Guests describe it as cool, unpretentious, artistic, whimsical and sophisticatedly modern.

T: +49 911 274380

Bayreuth, Bavaria

Enjoy Wagner, 24/7, in this town located in northeast Bavaria. Stay in the car-free historic district.

Hotel Goldener Anker

Openstrasse 6, Bayreuth, Germany

Located in the historic baroque district near the opera house, the hotel’s guest list includes Nietzche, Tchaikovsky and Mark Twain. The same family has owned and managed this pleasant hotel since the 16th century.

T:+49 (0) 921/6 50 51. 35 rooms. US$ 105-