100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Norway

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Burtigard, Gudbrandsjuvet

Situated between two mountain peaks, Juvet consists of sleek modern cabins with heated floors and floor to ceiling glass panes overlooking birch trees and the Valldola River. Hidden away is a secluded open air spa. This newly built romantic hotel sits on the grounds of a picturesque 16th century farm and you dine in the farm’s rustic antique-filled barn..Located an 8-9 hours drive northwest from Oslo.

T: +47 950 32 010. 7 cabins. US$ 400-

Fjaerland Valley

This dramatic and gorgeous fjord contains Norway’s largest mountain, the Jostedal glacier, and a charming farming village, Mundal. A favorite destination of mountain climbers, located 7 hours drive north of Oslo.

Hotel Mundal

6848 Fjærland, Norway

An architecturally interesting Victorian hotel, one of the best preserved wooden hotels from that era.

T: +47 57 69 31 01

Bergen, West Coast

Seven mountains and fjords surround Norway’s 2nd biggest city. During Viking times it was the seat of the medieval Norwegian kingdom.   It is known for its beauty and its music festivals; the 19th century composer Edvard Grieg lived here and his house is a living museum.


Osøyro pr. Bergen, Norway

32 km outside Bergen, Bjornafjord boasts a spectacular waterside setting with mountain, fjord and distant glacier views. This romantic hotel was built in 1905 by the first prime minister of Norway.

T: +47 56 57 11 00. 135 rooms.

North Pole

Well, not really the North Pole. But pretty close.

Polar Hotel

Longyearbyen, Norway

The world’s most northernmost full-service hotel, less than 15 degrees from North Pole. Not the plushest of amenities, but with open views of Ice Fjord to the west and snow-bound mountains to the north,the romance is in the ends-of-the-world setting. People who venture outside of the settlement are advised to carry a gun (polar bears).

T: +47 790 23500. 95 rooms.