100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.



A world heritage site, Krakos is the ancient city of kings and Poland’s cultural capital. It attracts a youthful, bohemian crowd. During the day its cobblestoned streets are closed to cars.

Hotel Copernicus

Kanonicza 16 31 002, Krakow, Poland

Located on the oldest street in Krakow, the hotel was formerly a Renaissance-era noble residence. Now transformed into a romantic Polish hotel respectful of its heritage, but possessing all the modern comforts. Splendid city views from its summer bar terrace.

T: +48 12 431 1044. 29 rooms. US$ 200-

Baltic Riviera, Sopot

This section of the Baltic Sea coast is also known as the Amber Coast, named after the high quality amber—the “jewels of the Polish nobility”—found in abundance here. The Amber Coast features golden-white sands, calm seas, and the recently restored resort town of Sopot. The 1920-1930’s were the heyday for this Baltic Sea town known as the “Pearl of the Baltic” and the “Monte Carlo of the North”. Sopot contains long sandy beaches and Europe’s longest wooden pier.

Hotel Rezydent

Pl. Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, Sopot, Poland

An elegant and architecturally interesting romantic hotel; ask for a room overlooking the Square of the Constitution.

T: +48 58 555 5800. 65 rooms. US$ 130-

Countryside Hotels, Baltic Riviera

The pre-WWII aristocratic castles, palaces and manor houses were purposively vandalized during the Communist era; they are now being restored and transformed into atmospheric countryside hotels.

Castle Jan III Sobieski

Rzucewo 6 84-100, Puck, Poland

Neo-gothic castle owned pre-WWII by the aristocratic Von Below family and left to ruin afterwards. Ride horses on the shore at this cliffside castle overlooking Puck Bay.

T: +48 58 673 88 05. 27 rooms. US$ 85-

Hotel Neptun

Leba, Poland

100 year old cliffside hotel overlooking a white sand beach and the sea.

T: +48 59 866 1432. 33 rooms. US$ 120-

Greater Poland

Lakes, forests, and history abound here in the western and central Polish region known as Greater Poland. This traditionally prosperous region contains Poland’s oldest province and is the historical center of origin of the Polish Nation dating from the 10th century. Later known as “Southern Prussia”; its capital is Poznan.

Pałace Myśliwski w Antoninie

Antonin, Poland

Built by Germany’s master of neo-classicism for the princely Radziwill family, the former hunting lodge is considered to be one of the most remarkable examples of modern European architecture. It sits in a vast forest; Chopin played here. Antonin is a little village located 17 km. south from Ostrow Wielkopolski and about 110 km southeast of Poznan.

T: +48 62 734-8114. 28 rooms. US$ 70-