100 Small Romantic
Hotels & Places

Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Sweden

Stockholm Archipelago

Thousands of islands, cool waters, rustic retreats and sailboats. The Archipelago includes Gotland Island where Viking traders once thrived. Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman lived on a small island off Gotland.

Fabriken Furillen

Lärbro, Furillen, Gotland, Sweden

Mid-century handmade furnishings combined with high end amenities are found in these “industrial chic” beachside cabins located on the site of a former chalk factory on the tiny deserted islet of Furillen.

T: +46 498 223-040. 15 rooms. US$ 290-


This warm water Baltic island was the summer resort choice of Swedish kings.

Halltorps Gästgiveri

Borgholm 38792, Sweden

Charming 17th century inn with water views located nine miles outside of town, Known also for its food.

T: +46 485 850 00. US$ 125-

Grinda Island

Take a one hour ferry ride from Stockholm harbor to this peaceful and traffic-free summer resort island.

Grinda Wärdshus

Grinda Island, Sweden

Originally built as a summer house for the director of the Nobel Committee, this art nouveau villa has been converted into an award-winning restaurant and cozy inn. Boaters welcome here.

T: 08-542 49 491. 30 rooms, plus 4 guesthouses. US$ 205


Where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Mälaren, a beautiful blend of Bauhaus, modernism, medieval old-town influences, canals and harbor views.

Ett Hem

Sköldungagatan 2, Stockholm, Sweden

Formerly a 1910’s Arts & Craft style home located in the upscale Lärkstan rsidential district, in 2013 it opened as a small stylish boutique hotel.

T: +46 8 20 0590. 12 rooms. US$ 580-

Lady Hamilton Hotel

Storkyrkobrinken 5, Stockholm, Sweden

Located next to the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, this former wealthy merchant’s home dates back to 1470. It contains bits of Swedish and English history, along with antiques and a 1330’s wishing well.

T: +46 8 506 40100. US$ 180-

Lydmar Hotel

Blaiseholmshamnen 2, Stockholm, Sweden

Located between the Grand Hotel and National Museum of Art, this stylish Swedish boutique hotel has water views on both sides.

T: +46 8 223 160. 46 rooms. US$ 275-

Hotel Skeppsholmen

Skeppsholmen Island, Stockholm

Located waterside on a small island – which houses museums of modern art and architecture – near city center. This former 1699 military barracks was built by Swedish architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger who was most famous for Stockholm’s Royal Palace. It was recently converted into a boutique hotel and brought up-to-date with current Swedish modern sensibilites by the Claesson Kolvisto Rune design firm.

T: +46 8 407 23 00. 81 rooms. US$ 140-


A picturesque medieval village of wooden homes, quaint cafes and handicraft shops. Located south of Stockholm, Mariefred can be reach by a short drive or boat ride down Lake Mälaren.

Gripsholms Värdshus

Mariefred, Sweden

Dating back to 1609, the hotel claims to be Sweden’s oldest inn. It overlooks Gripsholms Castle which houses Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery.

T: +46 159 374 50. US$195

Södertuna Slott

Gnesta, Sweden

A private home for many centuries, in 1985 this yellow 18th century manor house overlooking Lake Frösjön was converted into a hotel. Located 50 miles south of Stockholm, the low-key resort features canoeing, fishing, tennis and hiking. Grythyttan Three hours by train and taxi from Stockholm is this wilderness escape with world-class appeal.

70 rooms. US$ 450, includes all meals and activities.

Grythyttan Inn

2 Prästgatan, Grythyttan, Sweden

Very charming 367 year old inn popular with gourmands. Rooms are tastefully and eccletically decorated with period antiques, modern textiles and quaint floral wallpapers. The 60 individually decorated rooms are spread among 22 buildings.

T: +46 581 63300. 60 rooms. US$ 170-

Swedish Highlands, Malmagen

Birch forests, beautiful lakes and barren mountain peaks.  


Malmagen SE-840 98 Tänndalen, Sweden

Sweden’s oldest mountain hotel, the 1,700-acre Fjällnäs Reserve, was built in 1882 and became a favored highlands retreat for Sweden and Norway’s royalty. Stylishly updated, rooms feature slate and scrubbed pine surfaces and are simply outfitted in white linens, sheepskin pillows and throws, and Josef Frank fabrics. Get there by flying into Røros, Norway and take a scenic 45 minute drive to the hotel.

T: +46 684 230 30. US$ 395+, including breakfast, guided mountain excursion.

Artic Circle, Northern Sweden

We’ve a soft spot for destinations found at the ends of the world.

The Tree Hotel

Brittas Pensionat, Harads, Sweden

Located in the Boreal Forest just 40 miles south of the Arctic Circle, this devotedly eco-friendly hotel consisting of architecturally designed tree houses. More like upscale camping than luxury hotel, you’ll access by rope and ladder and shower in a tree sauna a five minute walk away. Check-in and dine at the Brittas Pension’s restaurant.

T: +46 928 104 03. 6 tree houses. US$ 555+