100 Small Romantic
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Come discover 100 of the most romantic small hotels and places in the world.


Romantic Places in Uruguay


Inhabited by a sophisticated, stylish and politely reserved people, Uruguay’s safe and clean capital city sits on a seven mile coastline on the world’s widest river.

Belmont House Hotel

Av. Rivera 6512, Montevideo, Uruguay

An antique-filled English manor house surrounded by gardens and close to the beach. This romantic hotel is located in the upscale residential quarter of Carrasco.

Tel: +598 (2)-600-0430 28 rooms. USD$ 180-

Punta del Este, Uruguayan Riveria

Surrounded by wide white beaches, this resort town is located on a peninsula tip that juts out into the Altantic. During January and February, the town and beaches swell with well-off Argentinians visiting their favorite summer getaway destination. For a quieter pace, visit in the shoulder season.

Hotel L’Auberge

Barrio Parque de Golf, Punta del Este, Uruguay

This boutique-size romantic hotel has beautiful grounds and a pool and is located in a upscale residential neighborhood just a few blocks from the beach. Stayng here gives you a serene escape from the hustle & bustle of Punta del Este’s throbbing high season nightlife.The hotel was formerly an 18th century water tower.

T: +598 42 482-601. 31 rooms. US$ 210-

La Posta del Cangrejo

Km 11300 La Barra, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Escape the high rises, condo-plexes, and mega chain hotels of Punta del Este and stay in this white-washed hotel on the ocean in La Barra, a hip tiny suburb about ten minutes from downtown Punta. Book an ocean view room and fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing.

T: +598 42 770 021. US$ 120-

José Ignacio

This once-sleepy tiny fishing village – located twenty minutes from pulsating Punta del Este – is favored by chic Europeans who prefer a fahionable bohemian ambience.

Casa Suaya Ruta

10, kilometer 186.5, José Ignacio, Uruguay

This secluded romantic hotel owned by noted restauranteur Adolfo Suaya has a restaurant onsite, an infinity pool, and a decor that mixes modern and antique. It’s set on 4 acres of pampas and sand overlooking the ocean.

T: +598 486-2750. 19 rooms and suites. US$ 750-, high season

Estancia Vik

Camino Egenio Saiz Martinez Kim 8, José Ignacio, Uruguay

Modern-rustic newly built colonial-style inn located on 4,000 acres of nature walks, cattle ranch, and polo field. An “art-hotel”, each of its bedroom suite’s showcase a piece of artwork by one of the country’s leading artists. They also have a companion inn on the property, the contemporary sleek Playa Vik, located on the beach.

T: +598 94 605 212. 12 Rooms. US$ 275-

Rocha Beach Towns, Eastern Uruguay

An up-and-coming bohemian-chic beach destination for South Americans, rural Rocha’s fishermen villages are younger, more natural, hippie and easy-going than Punta del Este and its neighbor Jose Ignacio. Boasting nearly deserted beaches, it’s located eighty miles from Punta del Este.


Ruta 10, Kilometer 229, La Pedrera, Rocha, Uruguay

The first boutique hotel in La Pedrera was opened by a well-traveled Argentinan in 2009. The romantic hotel sits on a high point overlooking the vibrant small village and just steps from Desplayado Beach

T: +598 4479 2265, 14 rooms. US$ 180-

Posada San Antonio

Ruta 10, Kilometer 234, San Antonio, Rocha, Uruguay

Five miles up the coast from La Pedrera is the more secluded San Antonio. Rough-hewn chic guesthouse surrounded by pine and eucalpytus forest. Stylish features include a round pool made out of a steel stock tank.

T: +598 4470 9143. US$ 120-

Posada Buscavida

Ruta 10, Kilometer 254, Oceania del Polonio, Rocha, Uruguay

Further north up the coast you’ll find this posada. It’s set on a wide beach in nearly deserted Oceania del Polonio.

T: +598 4470 9143. US$ 110-


Pastoral scenes, estancias and boutique wineries; the Carmelo region is a favorite destination of stylish Argentines.

Casa Chic Carmelo

Calle Limite Colonia, Carmelo, Uruguay

Eclectically decorated rooms, sleek all-white bathrooms and a pool overlooking Rio de la Plata.

T: +598 (4540) 4030 3334, 20 rooms. US$

Posada CampoTinto

Camino de los Peregrinos s/n. Colonia Estrella, Uruguay

Charming boutique hotel surrounded by vineyards.

T: +598 4524 7744. 4 rooms, 1 tent.  US$ 180+

Uruguay Estancias

Rural chic on old colonial ranches.

Estancia Tierra Santa

Costa de las Vacas, Carmelo, Departamento de Colonia, Uruguay

One of oldest estancias in Uruguay, it was first settled by Jesuit missionaries in the 17th century. Three spacious and luxurious guestrooms are located within a renovated Colonial Manor. Horse-riding and fishing available onsite. It’s located inland from Colonia del Sacramento near the Puerto Camacho marina.

T: +598 0540 2331. 3 rooms. US$ 385- Open in fall and spring.

Colonia del Sacramento

Founded by the Portuguese in 1680 on the Río de la Plata, the city was of strategic importance in resisting the Spanish. Declared a World Heritage Site, the historic quarter of the City is a well-preserved urban landscape that successfully fuses the Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial styles.